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Irrigation Systems

New Certa-Set molded riser cap

CertainTeed agricultural irrigation piping systems offer features aluminum systems can only imagine

It’s probably been a while since your farm switched from horse-drawn plows to tractors. So why are you still struggling with aluminum irrigation pipe?

Especially when there is a proven alternative — CertainTeed Certa-Set™ portable solid-set irrigation systems.

CertainTeed has manufactured Yelomine™ polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping systems for demanding mining and industrial applications for nearly 40 years.

Certa-Set™ draws on this performance-proven heritage, with unique features that no other irrigation system — aluminum or plastic — can match.

The Certa-Set™ System

3" Yelomine™ PVC pipe (30' and 40' lengths)

Excellent impact and UV resistance

3" Certa-Set™ sled coupling

  • Leakproof restrained joint connection for pipe segments
  • Provides stable support for sprinkler risers
  • Quick release bayonet-style design

Other system components

  • Certa-Set™ Main Line pipe
  • Certa-Set™ PVC riser pipe

Key advantages of CertainTeed agricultural irrigation piping systems

Feature Benefit

Certa-Set™ Restrained Joint with leakproof design

  • Maintains watertight seal no matter how many times pipe is assembled, disassembled and reassembled
  • Conserves water and reduces possibility of crop loss due to puddling
  • Improves germination rates through greater control of watering schedule, and no loss of water at start-up and drain-down

Certa-Set™ Sled Coupling

  • Eliminates leaky joints and puddling
  • Ensures risers remain upright, even during mechanical handling
  • Optimizes performance

Corrosion resistance

  • PVC cannot pit or corrode, provides increased product life
  • Extremely smooth interior surface improves water flow and water quality
  • Will not deteriorate due to electrolysis or injection of fertilizers or chemicals, even copper-based products

Mechanization options

  • Suitable for mechanical side shift operations and mechanized pipe placement and retrieval (such as AIM Inc’s Golden Retriever, at right)
  • Reduces field labor


  • CertainTeed PVC is modified to withstand the potentially damaging effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Seven-year limited warranty (on Certa-Set™ pipe and couplings and Kwik-Latch™)

Ease of use

  • Requires fewer people, less labor and equipment
  • Components are easy to install, and just as easy to disassemble for relocation and reuse
  • Pipe can be handled without heavy equipment or special tooling