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Water Borehole & Pump Cleanser. The Safe, Simple Alternative.

Borehole and Pump Cleaning with Clearbore

Water boreholes can suffer various problems, but by far the worst is blockage caused by the interaction of soluble iron and iron related bacteria.

Clearbore is a biodegradable granular chemical designed to remove sludge and hard encrustations that are a result of this interaction.

Clearbore can dissolve the blockage simply and easily and allow the pump to return to normal operation within hours. Thus eliminating the costly downtime associated with full borehole and pump rejuvenation.

Clearbore can also be used to refurbish pumps in the workshop by running the pump in a tank of Clearbore solution.

What is Clearbore?

Clearbore is a chemical designed to remove any iron bacterial sludge or encrustations that can cause a blockage in the borehole or pump.

Is it dangerous to use?

Although Clearbore is a toxic product it is non-volatile and safe to use. As with all products of its type safe-handling procedures should be followed.

Will it poison the water?

While the Clearbore process takes place the water will be unfit for consumption by any mammals. After treatment and flushing the water can be tested with the testing kit supplied.

Will it poison the ground?

No, when Clearbore is dissolved and exposed to atmosphere it breaks down to carbon dioxide and water becoming completely biodegradable and harmless to the environment.

How do I apply it?

Full instructions are supplied with every pail. In short, run a return line from the borehole head back down the casing for a short distance, mix the Clearbore and pour into the borehole. Turn the pump on and allow the Clearbore mixture to recirculate for 6 hours.

How much Clearbore do I need?

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How can I test the water after Clearbore treatment?

In every pail of Clearbore is a bottle of testing solution. By following the instructions the water can be tested after flushing takes place. As Clearbore is biodegradable it is only necessary to test if the water is used for stock or domestic purposes.

What happens during Clearbore treatment?

As the Clearbore treatment is progressing a number of changes occur, the most prominent is the colour of the water. The colour change is a deliberate indicator added to the Clearbore during manufacture.

This indicator will only react with iron, hence if no colour change occurs there is no iron present in the water.

When Clearbore is added to the borehole and the pump starts to circulate it and the water turns blue. When the iron starts to dissolve the water changes to brown or even black.

As the cleaning process continues the colour changes to dark green then lightens to emerald green.

When the emerald green is consistent all the iron has been dissolved.

Clearbore in the workshop:

To clean pumps without dismantling:

Mix Clearbore in a plastic tank at a dilution ratio of 1 part Clearbore to 10 parts water. Place the pump in the tank, turn it on and allow Clearbore to clean the pump.

To Clean inoperable pumps:

Place pump in plastic tank of Clearbore solution and agitate with compressed air. Leave over night.

To clean a dismantled pump:

Place parts in plastic tank of Clearbore solution, agitate with air line.