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Well Casing


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You simply can't beat Certa-Lok for down-the-hole installation speed. The Certa-Lok joint can be assembled or disassembled in seconds - by hand, without any special tools. Follow these simple steps for rapid joint assembly:

1. Clean

Clean the joining surfaces and make sure gaskets are clean and evenly seated in the gasket groove(s).

2. Lubricate

If lubrication is needed to ease joint assembly, soapy water or CertainTeed- approved PVC pipe lubricant can be applied to the joining surfaces prior to assembly. Apply only to the exposed gasket surface andto the tapered end of the casing.

CAUTION: To maintain joint integrity, do not apply lubricant to the spline or to the spline grooves.

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3. Assemble

Insert the casing into the coupling or bell until it seats against the stop. This automatically aligns the locking grooves for receiving the spline. The spline is then inserted through the entry hole until it is fully seated. This securely locks the joint, while the gasket is designed to provide a reliable, watertight seal. The joint is now complete - no waiting, no welding, no gluing or threading required. If needed, the joint can be just as easily disassembled and reused.


Certa-Lok PVC Well Casing represents a new evolution in well products,offering distinct advantages that will boost your bottom line.

Well Casing Instructions

Cost effective - Lower installed cost on an annualized basis compared to conventional casing.

Reliable - The Certa-Lok joint has been used for over 25 years in demanding water supply applications.

Easy to handle - Weight is much less than comparable steel casing.

Instant joint - Joint achieves full strength immediately upon assembly in all weather conditions.

Weather resistant - Heat, cold, moisture, humidity, and wind do not affect Certa-Lok PVC Well Casing assembly or disassembly.

Solvent-free, environmentally sound - The environmentally acceptable

Certa-Lok joint is ideal for monitoring well applications.

Adaptable - A full line of Certa-Lok adapters facilitates connection to plain-end PVC casing and threaded casing.

Easy removal - Certa-Lok casing can be quickly disassembled and removed from the bore hole without having to cut joints. Reinstallation does not require the use of special solvent weld couplings.

WRAS approved

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