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Waterwell Products » Certa-Lok PVC Riser Pipe

Certa-Lok Non Threaded, Corrosion-Resistant PVC Riser Pipe

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Certa-Lok PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Riser Pipe offers an instant, ready-to-use joint utilizing CertainTeed's unique, field-proven coupling/spline locking design, which allows submersible pumps to be set or pulled quickly and with confidence.

  • Domestic wells
  • Irrigation wells
  • Municipal wells
  • Industrial wells
  • Dewatering wells
  • Mining wells
  • Re-injection wells
  • Test pumps

Riser Pipe

Cost effective - Certa-Lok PVC Riser Pipe combines a competitive intial cost with a long life, making it the preferred product for submersible pump installations requiring 30 - 200mm riser pipe.

Reliable - The Certa-Lok joint has been successfully used for over 25 years in industrial applications.

Thread-free - With its groove and spline design, the Certa-Lok joint eliminates the need to constantly rotate the drop pipe for assembly and disassembly.

Easy to set and pull - The Certa-Lok joint is fast and easy to assemble and disassemble by hand. Just insert the pipe into the gasketed coupling, insert the locking spline and tighten the torque control screws. To disassemble, reverse these steps.

Weather-resistant - Heat, cold, moisture, humidity and wind do not affect Certa-Lok PVC Riser Pipe joint assembly or disassembly.

Clean - Say goodbye to grease, thread lubricant and pipe dope that can contaminate water supplies.

Lower friction loss - Certa-Lok PVC Riser Pipe provides a coefficient of friction of 150, vs. 100 for non-corroded metal riser pipe.

Chemical resistant - Certa-Lok PVC Riser Pipe can handle most corrosive fluids, subject to temperature service factors.

WRAS approved

Won't rust or corrode - The inherent properties of PVC prevent it from rusting and corroding like metal riser pipe.

Faster test pumping - Test pump installers can save considerable time and money by using quick, easy-to-assemble and disassemble Certa-Lok joints.

Rapid Joint Assembly

Certa-Lok PVC Riser Pipe is fast and easy to set and pull.. You can assemble or disassemble the Certa-Lok joint in seconds - by hand, without any special tools. Since there are no threads, time spent rotating threaded pipe is completely eliminated. Follow these simple steps for rapid joint assembly:

CERTA-LOK Instruction

1. Clean

Clean the joining surfaces and make sure gaskets are clean and evenly seated in the gasket grooves.

2. Lubricate

If lubrication is needed to ease joint assembly, soapy water or CertainTeed-approved PVC pipe lubricant can be applied to the joining surfaces prior to assembly. Apply only to the exposed gasket surface and to the tapered end of the riser pipe.

3. Assemble

Insert the riser pipe into the coupling until it seats against the coupling stop. This automatically aligns the locking grooves for receiving the spline. The spline is then inserted through the entry hole until it is fully seated. This securely locks the joint, while the gasket is designed to provide a reliable, watertight seal.

4. Tighten torque control screws

Using an alien wrench, tighten the torque control screws into the coupling until each just touches the pipe. Then tighten each screw one-half to one full turn or until snug.

CAUTION: Do not over tighten. Over-tightening may result in leakage and/or coupling failure.

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